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papo Iacopo Vettori
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WRIT ON ICE (1983)

This is the reason makes burn violence
I am a wise, I think you're too
The blood in you is flowing still
Don't change in tears 'cause it's ungood

You get a girl whom you laugh for
She gets a bro' who talks with you
And this is joy - I say to you
Go on - see ahead - don't stop you now

Shine in the days of your darkness
When I be far we'll think this world
Look how I am gloomy writin' for ya'
Can loose my role - don't loose my mind

Writ on ice!
Writ on ice!
Writ on ice!
Writ on ice!

I try to excuse my chicken side
Want to see ya' - can't find the strenght
Strenght no thru' joy - but in the smile
I realize I not a friend

I'm at the end and I am down
Wanna re-write, but I'm no able
I waste last chance to get me better
What can I be with my behaviour?

I wrote six thoughts and I got none
I am a retor of ancient time
But if you now fall into death
Who can me tell whose is the fault?

Writ on ice!
Writ on ice!
Writ on ice!
Writ on ice!
(repeat 24 times)

WRIT ON ICE.MP3  - File MP3 di 1.2MB (durata 2'59")

Stefano Di Figlia: testo
Iacopo Vettori: voce, chitarra
Michelino Pucci: basso
Nicola Del Chiaro: batteria
Prove registrate nel Dicembre 1985