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papo Iacopo Vettori
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Have been the dream of boys
That someone would call friends
To make me realize
The right is by my side

The sun is rising north
H-bomb's no just a fungus
On eight-sided castle hill
More - they're talking still

They lived their own world war
Shooting from a nazi flock
Met a friend with a plume
Try now to feel my gloom

The earthquake on that stair
On the steps of my neighbour
Does mean so much to me
No sorrow, no pity

The words of a dead guy
A litlle genius glass-eyed
Don't make me sick at all
I'll never talk to yourselves

'Cause I think you don't know
What I mean for coherency
No, I think you don't know
What I mean for coherency
Oh, no...

DREAM OF FRIENDS.MP3  - File MP3 di 1.2MB (durata 3'01")


Stefano Di Figlia: testo
Iacopo Vettori: voce, chitarra
Michelino Pucci: basso
Nicola Del Chiaro: batteria
Prove registrate nel Dicembre 1985