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Arguments Supporting Open Individualism

by Iacopo Vettori – January 2012

“But he has nothing on at all!” said a little child at last.
(Hans Christian Andersen, "The Emperor's New Clothes")

This paper is the transcript of four comments I posted in the Facebook group “I am You: Discussions on Open Individualism” in October 2011, where I expounded my latest account of the arguments that led me to subscribe to Open Individualism (“OI”), whilst adopting a specific version that I provocatively called “Reductionist O.I.”, which I think might be considered as an evolution of the traditional layman materialist metaphysical view. Actually this proposal has some characteristics that allow it to override the distinction between reductionism and dualism, but as Open Individualism is easily misunderstood as implying a sort of religiously charged “Cosmic Soul”, my aim in classifying it as “reductionist” was to demonstrate that this mystical view is unnecessary and misleading. This transcript integrates in the text some paragraphs added to better explain what I found somehow unclear at a second reading and the notes I wrote to reply to the comments made by other members of our group, which I want to thank and mention here: Gordon Cornwall, Denis Antonov, David Nyman, Jeff Henry, Luke Clayborn Hopper, Steven Blair, Andres Gomez Emilsson. I wish thank also Daniel Kolak, Edward Miller and Jonas Muller for previous discussions that helped me to refine my arguments. A special thank to my dear friend Corrado La Torre who helped me to write these pages in a decent english prose.

This document is available as pdf file at

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